This is really cool & may change my mind #DnD #RPG

I have mentioned before that I enjoy watching some shows that show live games of D&D. Obviously, Critical Role was my gateway to this. Which led me down the path of Force Grey. And then I stumbled on Acquisitions Inc while reading one of my regular web comics. But it is the recent episodes of Acquisitions and the work of Force Grey that is making ponder doing something I have not done before.

It was just in passing that I saw a Tweet a couple of weeks ago that said that the groups of Force Grey and Acquisitions were operating in the same setting. Obviously very different approaches to the game but still the same general setting. It took me a little while but I just recently noticed that both groups are in pursuit of pieces of one of the original D&D Artifact level magic items.

It does not take a genius to realize that this quest is at the heart of the pending new release for D&D: Storm King’s Thunder. I know this because the idea behind Force Grey is that they are actually running through at least some parts of that coming release. And Acquistions Inc is actually run by one of the big minds behind D&D.

Watching these folks play, with very different styles, but working generally behind the same quest, has me thinking really seriously about running a game around that same scenario. When the module come out I will have to pick it up.

I can then hope that I can find a group that is willing to play. Maybe by that time my Deadlands group will be ready to change games up. Who knows. This is a real different game I think for me. I thought Curse of Strahd looked interesting but I do not think I could really run a good gothic horror type game. But I think I could run something in the Forgotten Realms if it was basically out of the book. We will see. I think it is sufficient that I am getting motivated for now.

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