A promising return #RPG #Deadlands

Tonight my role playing hiatus is finally coming to an end. It has been 3 weeks since I played at all. It has been quite a while since I was gaming at a rate I would consider acceptable.

But this week I think all of that will be coming to an end. I have Deadlands tonight. I am running D&D for the boys on Saturday. Pathfinder follows on Sunday. That is three games in a week. Based on my calendar I should be getting close to a rate of at least 1 game a week after this week is over.

For tonight I will be playing Deadlands, returning to my Robin McMurphy character. I am looking forward to this. I told one of the players that my character will be trying to find a way to bring the other players into his loop. Make them closer to an official ‘posse’. Find ways to make their skills more useful in his job and quest.

I really enjoyed our last session, it was close to a classic X-Files kind of episode. I have hopes that this next episode will be just as cool and an extension of that quest.


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