The pursuit continues, the plot thickens #RPG #Deadlands

Still chasing Chadwick Gang <STOP> Trail leading to Deseret City <STOP> Gang now has fresh supplies <STOP> Suspect pool deepens <STOP>

After a fresh re-supply from the grateful citizens of Briar Gulch, I continued my chase of the Chadwick brothers gang. I had hoped that we would actually gain on them. They were down to just horses, with some of them terribly overloaded. They were using their horses so poorly that we came across one that had been ridden to death, and it was still a few hours fresh.

We came out of the mountains near the Wasatch railway and picked up the trail there. As we rode I formally introduced myself to the other two and deputized them as my posse. As it turns out Claire also works for a different branch of our agency. And the Russian is pretty ignorant of what all this means but is capable of keeping his mouth shut.

After picking up their trail we followed them to a railroad camp. The Gang had ridden right through the camp, killing a few of the workers and then ridden for a rock outcropping to the north. The road boss, Jefferson Dain, was cooperative without asking for our credentials. He said that the gang had head into the rocks, and asked us to pursue them and find out what was in those rocks.

Apparently, the workers had become convinced that there was a ‘Dragon’ living in a cave among the rocks. Two groups had been sent into the rocks and while there was one sighting of this dragon no one had returned since the first sighting. As this was a chinee work crew they refused to go where the dragon was.

We followed the gang’s trail into the rocks and through a bit of a maze. Until we came to the ravine where the trail ended. The first sight we saw was the head of some enormous creature looking out of the cave. After first securing ourselves and verifying that the gang’s trail headed into the ravine I took it upon myself to explore further.

I was able to determine that this was in fact not a dragon, but instead was a creation of wood, canvas, and some steam technology. Clearly constructed to prevent anyone from using the mine tunnel.

While we were looking to move down the mine tunnel two large wolves came out of the tunnel. They appeared intent on taking down the Russian. So Claire and I took it upon ourselves to disable them with our weapons. After they were knocked out they transformed from wolves into human form. Apparently, they were cursed by some form of lycanthropy.

We moved deeper into the mine tunnel, following it all the way through the rock until it came out the other side. There we came upon an unoccupied cabin, several worn out horses, some destroyed wagons and some tracks leading west again. Further investigation revealed that this was a Union Blue outpost. The outpost was clearly here to disrupt the progress of the Wasatch railroad work.

Unfortunately, the Chadwick brothers gang now had a wagon and fresh horses to transport all of their ill-gotten goods. I regret to inform you that my chase has fallen behind. But I will continue the pursuit.

I do wonder, though. How did the gang now about this outpost? It is clearly not on the path they were following. How were they able to know to avoid the ‘dragon’ and then know that the mine was actually a tunnel? At first, it would seem that they might be Union Blue operatives. If this was the case why destroy the operation here? As this pursuit goes on I have more questions than answers about it all. We now head to Deseret City, where I hope to at least get some answers, even if I do not corner the gang.

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