Really back at it #DnD #RPG

I have games this weekend!

That’s right, who has 2 games and 2 role playing games this weekend? This guy, that’s who! I will be running the boys campaign on Saturday and then go to Denver on Sunday for my Pathfinder game. I am pretty excited about this.

I did have to sit down this morning and actually write up the encounters for the boys game. I had figured out the monsters before, broke them up into encounters etc. But had not actually written down the details of the encounters. It was all in my head. I will also have to take a little time to read up on the monsters the boys will be facing so I actually know how they work.

This will be the first session with our new player. I am excited to be back to 4 players. It will be interesting to see how he meshes with the existing group. He is not a stranger, he has grown up with them. But this will be the first time playing D&D and that is a different dynamic. I hope it will work out.

On Sunday I will hopefully be playing the last game with my replacement character. I certainly hope so, because it is getting frustrating to play with this character when I have no plans for moving forward or how to develop it.

In the end, I am really just happy to be returning to a ‘normal’ role playing schedule. If I do it right I will be alternating my Deadlands games with the D&D weekends. Life is good.



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