The games return #DnD#RPG


I was laid off from my job of 15 years a few weeks ago. The thing that is different about my life at home is that I do not spend all day sitting at a computer, reading and writing. That is why I have not been posting for a few weeks. But I realized that it would be good for me to get back into a regular posting schedule. I will start with talking about the most recent D&D sessions with the boys.

I had some turnover in recent sessions. Two of my regular players have bowed out of the game for different reasons. I have replaced them with 3 new players. All three of the players are younger and far more energetic about playing. Which has really changed the dynamic of the game.

Another factor was the fact that I have not spent as much working on the game. Not being in front of the computer has that effect on the game. To be honest this most recent session I went back to the Donjon site and just grabbed a randomized adventure to run. It was certainly challenging enough for the group, I wore them out. But it is not the kind of quality work I am capable of so I need to work a little more on things than that.

Having these new, younger, players also really changes the dynamic of the actual game play. The new kids are more willing to try and be sneaky and even talk their way out of things. It really forces me to be more on my game and think on my feet. Which I enjoy doing when I pull it off. It is a different kind of challenge. Which will force me to expand and build up my DM skills.

I will go into more specifics about what happened after the next session. But I will bring up a great line from one of the players. So he created a character with the Urchin Background. And he is a Merfolk (playing in the world of Zendikar.) This week he had an epiphany:

‘I guess that makes me a sea urchin’


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