A narrow escape, into the City O’ Gloom #RPG #Deadlands

Still pursuing Chadwick Gang STOP Crossed Salt Flats STOP Entered Salt Lake City STOP Meeting with Doctor H STOP Investigating ties between VH and H STOP Will keep apprised of developments STOP

My posse traveled across the Salt Flats. Not prepared for the journey we were still able to make camp. Only to be attacked at dawn by a group of young Salt Worms.

Odd creatures, with long tentacles, and the ability to apparently sense movement above ground. Not invulnerable to gunfire thankfully, although I did have to empty my entire weapon into one just to force it back underground. We did lose our pack horse before we were rescued by a land ship of worm hunters.

Maxwell proved his worth as he was able to haul an entire worm out of the ground before it swallowed another horse. He is a man of extremely rare strength. I think that with some training and experience he could become a very useful companion.

Our rescuers were very hospitable, providing food and shelter to go with transport into the City of Gloom. I have learned that city has definitely earned that appellation. It is an oppressive atmosphere, with the sky in perpetual gloom, and the building built up so high as to restrict what view there is of the gray sky.

While hospitable our rescuer, Captain William Jennings, was suspicious of our cargo. Going so far as to open the crates of lightning guns that came from Van Helsing Arms. Which altered my initial story. I was forced to adopt a posture of complete innocence, claiming we must have grabbed the wrong crates when we forced off the train. For now, I am operating under the guise of a journalist for the Belleville Democrat.

Captain Jennings brought us to the authorities, who then asked that we come to a meeting with Dr. Helstromme himself. In my attempts to gather if anyone had any dealings with the Chadwick brothers, I have so far been unsuccessful. That name has not struck any chord in any of those I have spoken to.

This makes me glad that I will be put into contact with Dr. Hellstromme. This will give me the chance to either determine f he is at the heart of this theft. Or if it is his material that was stolen. Which could lead us farther west in our journey. Or South into Confederate lands if my suspicions prove true.

Who knows what this meeting will bring? Or what we might uncover if we take the time in Salt Lake City to chase down the elusive Chadwick Brothers? I believe that there are still deeper plots involved in all of this.


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