No fun when it is not working #DnD #RPG

There are a number of things in this life that require some work. Even the things that we enjoy require some effort. Role playing can be a lot of fun. I enjoy a good session of gaming more than just about anything else in life. But doing so requires work. Running a game takes work on the part of the Game Master. Playing a game in a way that makes it fun takes some work as well. A special kind of work called ‘teamwork’. When it all comes together it can be a special thing.

But when it does not come together that fun can slowly disappear. If the GM does not put in some work on the game. If the players do not take the time to learn how to play the game. If the group has some members who choose not work together, but instead revel in their own style and approach or do not even want to play, preferring to just be there for the social interaction.

The last game for the boys was an example of the later situation. I put in the work; had a number of scenarios planned. The boys were not all on the same page. Some were there just for an excuse to get out of their house. It was not much fun, and I spent the next day in a funk.

I was planning to play this week. Scheduling threw a wrench into that. That meant no game for the boys this week. And as things look we will not be playing again. At least not as that group was constituted. There was some chemistry there that just did not work. Some wanted to role play. Some wanted to just play, screw around and not do anything else. I have another kid wanting to join the group. All of this means I have to make a tough decision.

I recently celebrated a birthday. For my birthday I asked for and received the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and Storm King’s Thunder. I am taking all of this together as an excuse to make some changes.

When my schedule clears up I am going to do 2 things. First, I will change up who is playing in the group, with a goal of developing better chemistry. Second, I will run the game in the Forgotten Realms and use the written module as a basis. I think that doing those 2 things will fix what is presently wrong with my game.


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