The hunt begins #RPG #DnD

The Heroes of Clermont returned to their home. With the party intact and restored to health. They began to spend time working on those projects that they were diverted from. Thorvald continued work on his mighty keep, Nordheim. Elly and Qwaliki entertained themselves and worked on their respective fashion lines. Mickey wandered about because that is what he does. Viper returned to his alchemical studies and potion work. This is what they were working on when a messenger arrived from the Count.

The services of the party were needed. The Chateau Les Eaux had been attacked and the prospective Princess Violet had been kidnapped. The party quickly boarded their new flying boat and traveled to the site of the attack. Viper was able to determine that the attack was the work of 5 frost giants, accompanied by winter wolves and a giant bear.

Unwilling to let such an affront stand, and worried about the plight of the Princess, the party set off immediately in pursuit of the evil giants. Viper tracked them through the night until they finally caught up to the terrible creatures. Qwaliki unleashed some fireballs from afar at the party of creatures. Ellly got off the boat and summoned her trusty steed, and with the aid of some spellwork of Mickey, was able to follow the giants on foot. While Viper guided the boat through the air in pursuit as well.

This pursuit ended when a harpoon flew up from the forest trees into the side of the boat. They had found the giants.

The battle that ensued was hard pressed. With Mickey needing to be revived from near death once. While Elly herself also had to survive many severe injuries. In the end, the giants were all killed, along with the bear and 5 wolves. The young ladies were rescued from the clutches of evil, and a large treasure was retrieved.

There was another creature out in the forest, attempting to hinder the party. But they were unable to find it. So they know that there are more fell creatures out in the mountains. It is clear that something has roused the giants in the area. It will likely not rest until it is destroyed or the party is dead.



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