Planning and executing makes it fun #DnD #RPG

My Pathfinder game this weekend went very well. I wasn’t super effective, but overall I had fun. My character is still trying to regain his power after having all of his stuff stolen. I have found that one of the other players likes to plan and scheme about the game almost as much as I do.

We were both up late Saturday night before the game exchanging e-mails about our plans and ideas. And since the game ended we have been burning up the interwebs with our ideas and plans. It is a lot of fun.

I think that is one of the thigs that makes the games fresh and interesting. Sure, most of our plans end up changing. Because no plan survives contact with the enemy. But it is still fun to make plans.

It is especially fun to figure out ways to make my character effective. Because this game is very high powered. And the GM is a master at coming up with ever more challenging and deadly encounters. I have to be on my toes and do my best to think ahead.

Now I do not want to become too powerful again and have all of my stuff taken away again. That was no fun at all. I have to ride a thin line.

I do not get quite as much out of running a game for the boys because they are easy to outthink and trap. I do wonder if it would be different running a game for adults. Eventually, I might get a chance to find that out. For now, I will reserve this part of my joy for the Pathfinder game.

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