Fun character idea #DnD #RPG

I was listening to an interesting D&D podcast the other day. It was going into the Monk class. Talking about the cliches of the class. Different ways to approach the class and concepts. And I was inspired with my own concept.

I envision a Monk who is actually a part of a family of Luchadores. His Monk training is all about combat and performance. He would still have all of the deadly martial artist abilities of the Monk, using the Way of the Empty Hand. And he would have the Entertainer background, giving him ability with Performance.

His approach to combat would be as cinematic and athletic as possible. Never using a simple blow when a more exciting alternative is available. Using all of the extra speed and athletic ability of a monk to enhance his attacks.

He would be making a living as a traveling entertainer. He would be willing to go fight monsters and such provided there was a reward, and preferably some kind of audience.

Ideally, he would have at least one companion who was a bard. Who would sing the songs and tales of his exploits. And would act as a manager for his bouts. I could even picture an entire troupe. A bard or 2, a couple of monks, maybe a rogue to steal from the crowd, and maybe a Cleric to act as the healer.

It would take the right kind of group, and some teamwork to do all of this. And a group of players willing to ham it up. It would be a lot of fun.

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