It can’t be Thursday already #DnD #CriticalRole

When I was laid off about 2 months ago I had been keeping myself up to date and current on a number of podcasts and web shows. Because my job allowed me to keep things like this going as a background while I did other work. Since then I have not had the same circumstances. My life at home has not been one where I did a lot where it made sense to have background shows. Recently, however, I have made a commitment to doing more writing. These shows are actually a fine background for my writing.

That means that I have spent this week catching up on my Critical Role. I was several episodes behind. But I have been able to make real good headway here. I have enjoyed these recent episodes. The death and resurrection of Percy. The masterful huge battle at Glintshore. The humor of the Spice deal. They have all been great, and a joy to watch and listen to.

As I listen to another episode it occurs to me that it is Thursday again. Which means that even if I catch up to the last 2 episodes available, I will have to wait until Monday to truly become current again. I do not try to watch the shows live because I normally do not like to stay up later on weeknights.

I will admit that listening to these has given me inspiration to really get going on my own campaign work. I spent yesterday plotting and researching ideas in Pathfinder. I have lots of thoughts and ideas for my character in that game. And I am looking forward to really digging into the Storm King’s Thunder for my next game with the boys.

It is all coming from this wonderful show. Thanks again to the crew for making this show, and making it so much fun.


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