Digging into it. #DnD #RPG

This weekend I began work on running Storm King’s Thunder. I am having a good time really digging into the adventure. Determining what the boys will be able to handle. I really like these new campaigns that WotC has put out. I thought of running Curse of Strahd, but not for this group.

I am planning to make this campaign work. I think that by running this I can avoid my usual pitfall of boredom with preparation. I like writing my adventures. But I admit that at a certain point I begin to lose focus on my storyline. So it changes up, becomes something else.

By running this I have the benefit of a defined end point of the campaign. A goal for the party. A long running campaign that the group can stick to. And when it is done we can decide where to go. Who knows, I might dump them all into Zendikar at that point.

The big thing for me is that I have a structure to follow for the foreseeable future with the boys game. Which will help all of us, and it should be fun for me.


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