Deal with the Devil you know? #RPG #Deadlands

Meeting with DrH tomorrow <STOP> Trail of C brothers lost <STOP> SLC a marvel of engineering <STOP> Pursuit of package still top priority <STOP> Package reported up for auction by C brothers <STOP> Unable to report in for a time <STOP>

The trail of this package and the Chadwick gang has become very confused since we reached Salt Lake City. Our pursuit has been derailed by the authorities here. I attempted to bluff my way past the possession of the lightning rifles but was unable to.

Ms. Montgomery and I had picked up the trail of the Chadwick brothers in a bar in the less reputable part of town here. Just as we were about to get more details on the thieves and their operation our contacts were assassinated. I managed to wound one and kill another of the assassins before we fled the premises of the bar in order to avoid being seized by the authorities again.

Things became far more intriguing and difficult to understand when we met with Doctor Hellstromme. In that meeting he made it clear that our covers were completely blown, he knew exactly who we were. But that did not bother or concern him. Instead, he was focused on our knowledge of the package and the trail.

According to him, the package contains an extremely dangerous material. Material that could at a minimum change the balance of power on  our continent and at it’s worst place the fate of all living things in danger. This does fall in line with the dying words of our contact. He wishes us to continue our pursuit of the Chadwicks, to keep the pursuit somewhat quiet, and retrieve the package. His stated intention to then destroy the material within it.

We have agreed to do this. Receiving some fine materials from him, and supplies. In addition, he is sending one of his colleagues along to help when the material is retrieved. We have the use of many technological marvels to aid us in this pursuit.

I cannot help but wonder at the motives here. Will his colleague truly help us or is he just another of the mad scientists who helped create these dangerous items? Since the Chadwick brothers have reputedly put the package up for sale at an auction why doesn’t Hellstromme just purchase the item? Why hire Pinkerton agents whose loyalties would at least be questionable?

I will find this material. I will make sure that the Chadwick brothers are brought to justice for the many lives they have already taken. What I will do once the material is retrieved is a question I cannot answer at this time. I do not know if this material truly is what everyone says it is. And if it is, will Dr. Hellstromme truly destroy it? Or, if it is so powerful, should it not be placed in the hands of the government so they can end this war once and for all? At this time I have far more questions than I have answers. So the journey continues.


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