A really fun item #Crafts #Hobbies


Funny thing, as much as I love fantasy and role playing, I have never really been into Halloween. At least not from the costume making part. I certainly did my share of running around in costume when I was younger. I also enjoyed Halloween in my drinking days, when I treated the day as an excuse for drinking. But I never really got into costume making.

As a parent, I have left most of the costume work to Kim. Not sure why; it is just who I am. I cannot bring my creativity to bear on that.

With all of this free time on my hands this year I have been thinking about it more. Perusing Pinterest for thoughts and ideas. In doing so I came across the description of a product. Polymorph pellets, plastic pellets that would turn soft and pliable when heated with water.

On a whim, I ordered some from Amazon. I received it and have spent a couple of days working with the product. In this case Polly Plastics. I am really pleased with this purchase. It is a great product.

I constructed a type of flying platform for my miniatures. Also, a cylinder that can also be used to mark flying figures in my games. I am working on some horns that I can use for a costume. I can see how I can use this to construct all manner of terrain items for my D&D games.

It is just a generally useful product as well. When we found a mask for Danny’s costume that has a really hard, sharp edge where the nose goes. I was able to quickly and easily mold a great nose piece for it. That makes the mask more comfortable and also fits better in general.


I am really looking forward to what I can construct with this product. Useful tools for my games. As well as maybe useful things around the house as well.



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