It is Thursday, and other thoughts #DnD #RPG #CriticalRole

Yay! It is Thursday, and I can stay up again tonight in order to stay up to date on the doings of Vox Machina. Few things inspire me to run games and really get back into the swing of role playing than watching a session of Critical Role. Luckily for me I have a session of Deadlands coming up, and then Pathfinder the following week. The inspiration should not go to waste.

One thing I have been inspired to do by Critical Role is to do a better job of keeping notes for my games. I love my electronic character sheet for my Pathfinder, it is an outstanding App. And the App for tracking things as a GM is equally handy. And yet, something is missing. Like using Dice app instead of actual dice. There is a visceral thrill to actually rolling the dice.

All of this has inspired me to make a few changes and test some things out. First, a minor cosmetic change. I like my little dice box, but one of the things  I purchased with my birthday money is a good dice tray. I think that I will go back to the dice bag, and use the tray for future sessions. No real reason for this other than pure cosmetics, I like the feel of the dice bag.

Second, I am planning to go back to a regular character sheet for my Pathfinder game. I will try it out for a session or two. It would be easy to revert to the iPad if I want to. One of the reasons is to also have note paper there, and a place to store things so I can also get better at taking notes.

Third and last, I plan to start using printed notes during the sessions I run. I can use the iPad for combats. But for regular session notes having a printed notes will be easier to manage. And again this should encourage me to keep better notes of what the players do, or have done.

Overall, most of this is purely cosmetic. But I think it will improve my own experience with the games. Get away from the passivity of the electronics. It remains to be seen if I will like it this way, but I look forward to trying it all out.


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