Calling upon the spirits #DnD #RPG

When the Heroes were beginning to settle into their new places in Nordheim Keep Viper was happy that space was reserved for a Sacred Grove. While he was not yet a full Shaman he knew that he could begin work on the space.

After his escape from the clutches of the Demons on the Abyss, he fell into the guise of the Hunter.  He would devote his energy to seeking out such creatures and destroying them. But the Snake is a patient hunter, waiting for its prey, setting traps.

Here in the depths of winter in the high mountains, Viper knew that there was little to be done within the sacred space. He made it a place of prayer. Constructed a worthy shrine. Made it a place of ceremony and worship.

Returning from their first foray against the invading Giants, Viper went to his shrine and began a ritual. But the spirit of the great Snake came to him. This ritual changed subtly and evolved. It became a summoning ritual, unlike any he had performed in some time. Waking up from his trance he felt that something had changed. Then he heard a soft hiss from above.

There on a bare tree branch was a creature he had not seen before. It was full of vibrant color, startling in this place and time. As he stared in wonder it uncoiled from the branch, unfurling colorful feather wings, and flew down to him. Without thinking he held out his arm, offering a perch as the creature came to a graceful landing, and wrapped itself around his arm, and peered at him.

“What manner of creature are you, to come to me in this sacred space and time?”

“I am a servant of the great Spirit. I come to serve you and guide you on your path. The Serpent has seen your actions and accepts this offering of land. I am to assist you as you improve it and grant more power to the Spirit.”

“What am I to call you?”

“You may call me Santanico.”

Viper accepted the gift of this new companion. The creature accompanied him as he worked on his potions and the land of the Grove. It accepted some gifts of magic that would make it safer in the battles to come. And they hunted in the snows and rocks, developing a sense of companionship and kinship.

Viper thanked the Spirit for this new companion. Truly a worthy successor to Fang, who now was enjoying and basking in the warmth of the great river to the south. It could easily serve as a second set of eyes and assist him in tracking as the hunts began again.


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