Prepping begins #DnD #RPG

I am finally getting back to my D&D game. I almost have to plan a break every year for the month of October due to all of the family events. So I took a break. I decided to take the opportunity to also re-boot the game.

The composition of the group has changed a lot since I got the Zendikar game started, and from before when I ran my home brew. I have decided that this is a good time to run something that might better fit the group. So I will be starting them from scratch with one of the pre-made adventures.

I have a couple of reasons for this. First, it will save me a little work in game prep. Second, by sticking to a more tried and true setting I should not have to work quite so hard to introduce elements to the game. Third and last, by having what amounts to a complete campaign set out for me I can offer a goal and end game, rather than just running a random monster of the week campaign. Those can be fun but get kind of boring for me.

I now have some prep work set out for me. I plan to run a Session Zero this coming weekend, followed by the first actual session the day after Thanksgiving. I have put together a cheat sheet for that. I will take the opportunity with that to follow my personal character creation flow, which is a little different from the standard one.

I prefer to have the players pick a background first, where did their character come from? Then roll ability scores. Followed by race and character classes. I think that knowing that background helps figure out a little about the character. And it helps get them all together.

I am looking forward to this. Running the game a little differently. Which is good for me and also for the players.


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