Progressing slowly #DnD #StormKing’sThunder


Finally getting around to posting an update. What with the new job, lack of Internet access at said job, I have not had the time to do much writing. But I have been running the game for the boys. So here is where we are. The boys are almost out of the first portion of the adventure.

This has been a fun mix. The boys are having fun. I am enjoying running the pre-made adventure. I have to say it takes a little more work than I thought. There is a decent amount of work. The adventure itself is really good. With a decent variety of challenges.

Our last session saw the first casualty. The Bard died a horrid death at the pods of a lurking Black Pudding. Hopefully, the boys did learn a lesson about splitting the party.

We are doing our best to run every other week. Playing again this weekend. Which gives me something to look forward to.

On a side note, I finally received my last Xmas present: Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Which I have to say is one of the coolest books I have seen in quite a while. It is a very impressive addition to the 5E library. I am really excited to use some of the creatures in the book.

If all goes well I may even rejoin the Deadlands game that has been dormant so long on Monday night. In other words, my role playing life is still alive and well. I just haven’t been able to write about it. So do not fear the adventures continue!


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