Keeping my options open #Bloodbowl #Shadowrun

I know it’s been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. Life has been crazy. Life reasons forced me to give up the Deadlands game. Which means that I am down to just the one role playing game: my Denver game which has changed. But that is fine, because I have options. 

I have resumed playing Bloodbowl. I played in a tournament. And have played a couple of games since then in an open league. It has been fun and a welcome diversion. It’s a different mix of players, which makes the game more fun. I have even broken out the paints and begin working on painting a different team. 

I also picked up the latest edition of the Shadowrun rules. Which is similar enough that it is still a good option. I have begun rereading and reading some of the novels. I have been piecing together a campaign in my head. Taking notes on what I want to do. I am not sure when I will run it or even who will play. But it is an interesting diversion for me now. 

So I am still watching my freak flag high. Living a geek life. Just with a different mix of diversions. 


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