A really fun item #Crafts #Hobbies


Funny thing, as much as I love fantasy and role playing, I have never really been into Halloween. At least not from the costume making part. I certainly did my share of running around in costume when I was younger. I also enjoyed Halloween in my drinking days, when I treated the day as an excuse for drinking. But I never really got into costume making.

As a parent, I have left most of the costume work to Kim. Not sure why; it is just who I am. I cannot bring my creativity to bear on that.

With all of this free time on my hands this year I have been thinking about it more. Perusing Pinterest for thoughts and ideas. In doing so I came across the description of a product. Polymorph pellets, plastic pellets that would turn soft and pliable when heated with water.

On a whim, I ordered some from Amazon. I received it and have spent a couple of days working with the product. In this case Polly Plastics. I am really pleased with this purchase. It is a great product.

I constructed a type of flying platform for my miniatures. Also, a cylinder that can also be used to mark flying figures in my games. I am working on some horns that I can use for a costume. I can see how I can use this to construct all manner of terrain items for my D&D games.

It is just a generally useful product as well. When we found a mask for Danny’s costume that has a really hard, sharp edge where the nose goes. I was able to quickly and easily mold a great nose piece for it. That makes the mask more comfortable and also fits better in general.


I am really looking forward to what I can construct with this product. Useful tools for my games. As well as maybe useful things around the house as well.



Jotting down some quick thoughts and developments

That was the first weekend free of gaming or major family events in quite a while. Boy did that suck! Well not really, but it is strange to sit down at the keyboard without having an adventure to share or recap. Not to say I did nothing game related (well sort of), just no official gaming. Thought I would jot down some thoughts here today.

  1. I did do some game related activity. I and the kids did some work in the basement rec room area. Cleaning, organizing a number of items. And now, after a couple of month break due to the rains and subsequent flooding, I am closer to my goal of a true gaming area. I have a table where I set up my paints and in progress projects. There is space for me to roll out the mat and terrain if I want to play some table top miniatures. And last, it will be easier for me to set things up for the boys campaign.
  2. I also took advantage of back to school supply shopping to pick up what should be my gaming binder. A place to keep character sheets. Rules and army lists for games printed from .pdf. I am looking forward to setting it all up.
  3. It’s becoming sadly clear that my local group with whom I enjoyed so many great years of gaming is past the point of no return for getting back together. I sent out an e-mail to them all about running a game, and only received one reply. Which is too bad, I really think this group could have fun with 5E or Star Wars. Honestly, it was more of a whim, between the boys game and the Denver game my gaming calendar is full. But still I would have made the time had I received a decent response.
  4. Re-reading the Wheel of Time lately, while waiting for a few other books to become available. Even knowing generally what will happen I am enjoying it. It really is a well written series of books, with some really interesting characters and a good story. Not exactly full of ideas that I haven’t already used, but there is still some potential there.

That is all for today.