Just making characters, ’cause that’s what I do #Roleplaying

Ethoriel was arrogant, confident in his intelligence, and his physical skills. But none of that offset his pale skin, pale even for an elf, he was an albino Elf. That and his bad temper caused most people to shun him. But that was okay, because he knew what he could do, he was strong, fast, and smart. And he worked hard at improving his skills. His affliction kept him from being accepted in the Royal Guard, but he didn’t care. He would still become an Eldritch warrior, and show all those who shunned him.

He still followed all of the training for the Royal Guard. He learned all he could about crafting weapons. He trained as a warrior, and perfected his skill with his curve blade. He began training as a wizard, and was progressing as well as any other arcane trainee.

Now it was time for him to go out into the world. Explore the magics that were out there. Prove himself among the humans and the other dregs of the world. And when the time came he would return to his land and show them what a true Eldritch warrior was, and that you did not have to be a perfect specimen to be one.

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Will tonight be the night? Plus, it is finally coming together #Roleplaying #DnD

Big game tonight for the boys. I am hoping for a more relaxed night from them as 3 of them have spent the past 24 hours together. Which could mean they are tired of each other, but I am more hoping that they are just plain tired, so the teenage ADD is more under control. I do plan to start the night with a little talk about how this is not a competition between the players, it is supposed to be a cooperative venture.

Of course, in reviewing tonight’s adventure I am once again struck by how deadly I made it. Of course the last time I thought I was really going to challenge them they ran through the fight like a hot knife through butter. So who knows what will be challenging? But I am hoping to get them feeling a little mortal and scare them a little, just to bring them back to earth a little. You never know though, they could be especially foolish, or my dice could be astounding. I have an out for them, a little deus ex machina to rescue them in order to preserve the overall story line.

That is something I don’t think they really grasp yet. I plan to give them the entire story of their characters adventures when I wind this down. I want them to really see everything they did, and how it fit into the bigger story of what is going on in the world. I think they will maybe appreciate it all a little more when I show that to them.

On the plus side, on my third Edit it looks like I finally have a setting for Savage Avatar that makes sense and I am happy with. It will challenge them of course, the new game system, the ideas behind that system that almost have to be role played instead of just rolling dice. But I am beginning to get more excited about the game than worried about it, which is a good sign.

I am looking forward to getting away from just rolling out the monster of the week for them. Get things back to a more story based system, and forcing them to think more about what they are doing between the battles. I mean there will be battles, that is the high point of role playing after all. But a lot of the fun is what goes on between battles and on the journeys that get there. And I think the boys will be ready for that next step in role playing.

How to justify a change up? #Roleplaying

This Savage Avatar world still has me stuck. And time is a little short. The thing is I know the boys want to play Benders, and ideally in the world of Avatar. But I just cannot get my brain wrapped around making a good campaign out of that world.

I have figured out a change up that is more or less acceptable to the group. They will all be Benders from that world, and starting there, will undertake a journey to the other side of the world. That much is settled in stone. There will be a journey, and it will take them to a strange place.

Now I have to decide what shape that strange place will take. What elements of the world do I mix in, and what do I leave behind? Do I want to keep it all vaguely Asian, or depart from that (no comments from the movie critics.) The thing is that the main world that the first series takes place in is fairly primitive technologically, with a scattering of anachronisms. Which leaves a group of relative primitives, with extraordinary powers at their disposal.

My initial thought was tossing them into a Pre-Tokugawa type of Japan. But I didn’t think that would be as much fun. Then I had a plan for a similar society to theirs, using some of the mythology from the world as a foundation. But the more I think of that, the less interesting it becomes. I want a fun campaign, with some different elements. But most importantly I need a plot line, a story, to embroil the players in.

This is why I struggle with creating new worlds, I need a setting or a story to hang my hat on. Without that I often end up spinning my wheels as I try to figure out that hook. I just need to keep working on it, and something will come.