Coming up with an alternative #BoysCampaign

I’ve got a problem. My next game with boys would normally be in another week. But one of the boys is on vacation until close to school starting. And I have my next session basically planned, and planned to leave it as a bit of a cliffhanger. So it wouldn’t make sense to leave his character on the sideline, for what could end up as 2 sessions. Plus I am not sure that 3 of them could handle what I have planned (although experience has shown I am not a great judge of that.) What to do?

Then it occurred to me. I have been wanting to play out the new Age of Sigmar Warhammer fantasy game. And at some point I wanted to give the boys a low key introduction to the concepts. And I have all the models I could possible need to put together a couple of different forces. And since I don’t have to drop 100$ for the rule book for once everything seems to be coming together.

I bounced the idea off Jimmy, he is excited. I told him to talk to the other 2 and see if they are interested. And then all that remains is clearing a space in the basement to set up a game. Which I think is certainly doable by next weekend.

To be fair, I never lost interest in Warhammer, just didn’t have time to play, nor the inclination to drop the 100-200$ to get back into it (rule book, one or 2 army books, GW games ain’t cheap!) And I ought to give this version a fair test. And if it works out well, maybe suck in the other kids as an alternative to role playing that will satisfy their competitive juices. Because to be honest for at least 2 of my regular the games are just that, a challenge to see who kills the most, or does the most damage, and they are just as competitive when playing video games. So providing that alternative might help ease some of the tensions that some times arise at the D&D table.