A few random thoughts on gaming #Bloodbowl #DND #RPG

I am so looking forward to the end of the Holiday season and a resumption of a regular gaming schedule. I have some plans. I also have some things I am tinkering with. Bottom line is it is all cool.


I received my new Skaven team for Xmas. I have already gone out and done the primer and base coat on them while on the sprue. I have a plan for them. The Desert Rats. I will give them all Arabic names (maybe from the Arabian Nights.) I plan to paint them in all desert colors.

I know that the Skaven are not necessarily the strongest team. They lack the power of other teams. But I have played brute teams and it is not the way I want to play. I will be resigned to some early beatings while I try to accumulate experience. I think that is the smart way to play them. Even borrow a little from the Run’n’Gun offenses and worry less about stopping other teams and more about scoring as much as I can. Who knows how it will turn out but it should be fun.


The boys game resumes this coming weekend. I am looking forward to taking them to the next step in the challenge. I think that the next chapter in Storm King’s Thunder will provide them with a good mix of action and role playing.

My Denver game finally resumed a couple of weeks ago. Viper acquitted himself well. Sniping and was able to unleash the big play that made it possible to take down the enemy spell caster. We also leveled up so Viper will be able to do even more in that role of locating and taking down the spell casters. I am looking forward to our next session.

Role Playing

My brother was in town for the holidays. We were talking about a few different things role playing among them. He is talking about possibly moving to my state. Which I am really looking forward to the possibility of his joining my various role playing ventures.

We were also talking about some RPG related things like podcasts and videos. Enough that if things work out I might put together a game specifically for him. It would be a way of creating a structure for a story podcast. It would be a pulp type adventure with some twists. I have already begun thinking a little about how I would craft this campaign: what rules set and how to capture the pulp feel.

As you can see I am still thinking about gaming even during the Holiday hiatus. There are so many things gaming related in my life. I keep them going and enjoy them as much as I can.


Excitement leads to decisions #RPG #Games

Recently I had a friend mention the new edition of Bloodbowl. I took some time to read up on it. There are very few changes from the edition I last played. I am excited about this. I wish I could guarantee that I could get the new box set. I may get it eventually but recent events make it unlikely I will get it very soon.

Then today I had the chance to stop in at my FLGS. Ran into a friend who is the big Bloodbowl guy for the shop. Started talking about it. When we discussed the potential and attraction of new players it seemed likely that there might be enough people attracted to the game that a decent sized league might begin with the new year. Which sounds real cool. I told him to include me on the list of interested folks.

I really enjoy Blood Bowl. It is one of my favorite table top miniature games. It does not require a lot of miniatures. Can be played in a relatively short time. I also happen to be fairly good at it. THe idea of joining a league is pretty exciting to me.

Then reality hit me. Can I commit to a league while also running a game every 2 weeks, playing in one game every 4 weeks, and another game every 2 weeks? It is going to depend on the league. How often would I have to play? Because I do not want to commit to something that could result in my trying to fit in 4 events in the same week. That would be overwhelming. And not fair to the kids and wife as well.

I do not have to make decisions just yet. I have time. And who knows if the league will even come to fruition? Or even if it will have enough players to make it attractive? But it is something to ponder and keep aware of.