It’s possible this may be overkill… #DnD

I’ve always argued that the most dangerous ‘monsters’ in role playing are other characters. And in designing the next adventure for the boys I think I have really proved that point. And it is entirely possible that this may end up being overkill.

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What the Geek world needs, plus some campaign thoughts

I posed a thought last week on here and I wanted to elaborate more on it, now that I have thought it through. Plus some points that came up in the last game for the boys.

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Figuring it out, dealing with ‘crunchy’ players

The latest session with the boys went better. I am still figuring out the best ways to run a night that keeps them focused on the game, but is fun for me. I added some tools, getting a game mat so I could more effectively use figures again. I created a more fast paced night, with plenty of fighting and less dramatic interaction. I think it went well, and my informal poll of 2 of the players seemed to indicate that they enjoyed it as well. I just need to learn how to better handle Threat/Challenge ratings.

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