The Avengers are a Dungeons and Dragons Party #DnD #Avengers

I might be late to the party on this, but I don’t care. I was thinking yesterday about how my Pathfinder character is trying to mimic the archer types like Green Arrow and Hawkeye. Then it occurred to me that Hawkeye is the Ranger of the Avengers: the Archer, with a lot of extra skills, but not the toe to toe power that the other members of the team are. That got me to thinking and it all just fell into place for me: The Avengers are a classic D&D party.

Black Widow is the Rogue, the infiltrator, who uses athletics and skills to accomplish what she does. Also not the toe to toe fighter with the big guys. Instead uses smarts and skills to move around the combats and get the other things done.

Captain America is the Paladin. Maybe a little too good to be true, but strong enough to go up against the toughest bad guy. And the leader by example and moral stance. He provides the group backbone and direction.

Thor is the warrior. Point him in a direction and turn him loose. Few can match him in melee combat. But he doesn’t do a lot in the strategy and tactics department, he needs direction, someone to give him orders and tell him who to fight.

Ironman is actually the team Mage. He uses his knowledge and equipment to offset the powers of the others. He is the smart one in the team, if a tad amoral.

And of course the Hulk is the barbarian. Not much help until he goes into a rage, then he become truly powerful and out of this world tough.

All the group is missing is a Cleric and they would pretty much be the classic dungeon delve group. And that is pretty cool to me. And this exercise has also given me some ideas. Like a Mage who uses all of his spells to turn himself into a combat monster a la Ironman. It is all a fun idea. And a fun way to merge the fandoms. Because when I was younger, I wasn’t so much into comics, but I liked to use what I had as inspirations for my D&D campaigns and ideas.


I come to praise Pathfinder, not condemn D&D #DnD #Pathfinder #Roleplaying

Last year, when I was looking to begin indoctrinating, err teaching, my son about role playing games I looked around for a system. I knew a few things. I wanted to start with Fantasy. I wanted to avoid having to start from the ground up with world building. And I wanted it simple and stream lined. That is how I ended up going all in with 5E.

And that was a perfect system for what we were doing. It had a great starter box and starter campaign. The system was perfect for learning with. Simple, and elegantly so, not overly complex, not a lot of choices, or overwhelming with math and the tougher choices. It was really perfect for everything I wanted to do. And, the boys had a great time with it, enjoying as I gradually expanded the game.

It worked for everything I was doing, and allowed the boys to level up. And I enjoyed running it. And I think it is a great system, and in more adult, experienced hands it would be just as great, if not better. I look forward to once again finding an adult group to run it with.

But, as I have been playing Pathfinder in my Denver game I have also grown to really like that game too. It truly is the perfect game for an old school rules loving type like me. There is really pretty much a rule for everything under the sun. It is challenging. It encourages players to think about their characters and really develop them in many different ways. While it is possible to have 2 similar characters in Pathfinder, it is equally possible to develop multiple different directions from the exact same starting place, which is something I really love.

And, most importantly, if you are somewhat tech oriented like I am. And also cheap, like I am. Pathfinder is amazing for how inexpensive it is to get into. I have spent maybe 10$ overall. And yet I have all the resources I need to not only play, but also run the game. They are a company that clearly embraces the age of electronics and open source. And in the big picture I think that is a huge deal. Not enough game companies do that in my humble opinion.

In short, if you want to play in a Fantasy role playing game there are plenty of good options out there. If you are just starting out, or are an experienced player who doesn’t want to focus too much on the system, the D&D is great. If you are experienced, and want a crunchy system with scads of rules and versatility then Pathfinder will work out really well. Both are excellent systems in my mind. They speak to different sides of my being. I don’t think you could go wrong with either system if you are looking to run a Fantasy game.

Rediscovering the best part of rôle playing

I went to Denver for my friends game on Sunday. I had a great time with the new character and he definitely fit in better with the rest of the group. An archer definitely improves the group combat chemistry. And I spent the entire drive home doing one of my favorite things.

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