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Welp, wish I had known about this a few weeks ago. Due to the scheduling and vacation plans of summer, my D&D game is on hiatus for at least a month and a half. Which puts me in a bit of an odd predicament. What to do during this downtime?

When I began running games for the boys a couple of years ago it was for two main reasons. First, I wanted to teach a few of the boys the joys of playing role playing games, things that did not involve electronics. Second, it very quickly filled a place in my life that I had forgotten was empty.

Jimmy has definitely leaped into the world of role playing games. He has really enjoyed playing and looks forward to our games. This has also been a bonding time for us, something that is good to have when you are dealing with teenagers. Now I am pondering and looking at other things that we might do to fill our time until the game returns. Because I do not want to lose this time.

I noticed that the table top game Warmachine has just released a new edition. I know that the game is pretty popular. It would be an investment. In time to get the miniatures done and then learning the game. But that would give us something that we could do. And a social outlet if he wanted to play other people. I thought about revisiting Warhammer or Warzone. But while I have a large Empire army for Warhammer I just do not know if that is a path that I want to go down again. And Warzone is just not a popular game. Whereas the barrier to entry for Warmachine is really not that big, and it might be the right scale for some quick games.

Lucky for me I have 2 other games that I am part of so it is not like I am without the opportunity to roleplay. That would be bad. Because in many ways roleplaying has really saved me mentally and emotionally.

It is only a month and a half or a two month hiatus. Hopefully, we can resume then. The thing is that I know that the boys are entering high school, and may not have as much time for an every 2 week game once school starts. The demands of a social life, and sports, and extracurriculars might chew up the weekends before I know it. We will see what happens.


If only I had one or 2 more nights a week #RPG #Gaming

I did some more painting this week. I really dig painting these Skaven. And I am pondering some new schemes and ideas there. Plus I am enjoying the first ‘official’ new Star Wars book written for the new canon. So much so that I wish I could maybe get into one or more of the new Star Wars table top games. It really boils down to not having enough days in the week.

I got in the ink on the Skaven this week, and then did the two leader types, that I will use as the character types when the boys run into them.


Painting these, and the lizards, and looking at all of my Empire figures does give a little twinge of ‘gee it would be fun to go to the store and engage in some Age of Sigmar games’. And on top of that I kind of wish I could get at least a few adults together to run a different D&D game for them as well, in addition to the game with the boys. Not that I want to end the game with the boys, that is actually fun, and it is fulfilling to watch the boys grow and get better at the games. It just would be fun to run a different style of game.

I have enjoyed reading Aftermath, the first book of the new ‘official’ Star Wars canon. It has so many plot threads in it, so many ideas to spin off into a role playing scenario. Or to use as a focus for a set of table top games. Games that I have not played, but judging by their popularity are actually quite good. Of course table top games are a different monster, that requires money on top of time, I couldn’t just use what figures I have.

I love my life and routine. And I really enjoy what gaming I do. And the writing and planning for those games has been a great diversion. But what I wouldn’t do for an extra night or 2 that I could use to go to the store and play games with my old buddies.

For now, I will continue to enjoy what I do have. And be happy that I have these fun hobbies that I have. And enjoy the fact that I can share them with family and friends. Still, it sure would be fun to add to that, without sacrificing any of my other time that I have for work, family, solo time.

Inspiration, and more progress on the miniature front #RPG

Made a lot of progress on the miniature painting front yesterday. Although there was a disappointing setback. But overall it was a good day for painting. And I want to take a few moments to talk about how I wish a group that was still into the World of Darkness roleplaying world.

I pretty much finished the first group of Lagarto Skinks (Lizardmen) yesterday. I was able to just paint the bases with some new sand colored paint I picked up last week. Since I will be using the for role playing rather than table top games I didn’t feel the need to do some fancy flocking. But after matte coating them and some of the other stuff I had done, I am happy with how they look, more than suitable for role playing.

I got started on some rats (Skaven) too. And I am very excited with how they are looking. I just created a folder on Flickr strictly for miniatures. And you can see how they look. I think they will be very good looking on the table top for role playing.

My setback came when I was simultaneously matte coating the lizards, and then did a primer on the rats. some wind blew the primer onto my new figure I had painted for my Denver character. That was disappointing to say the least, because what I saw made it look real good before it was covered. But I just stripped of as much paint as I could and went back to work on a different paint job. A little lighter colored this time around. Should still be good.


I mentioned watching the television show From Dusk till Dawn last week. Well I am now fully caught up with it, with one episode remaining in the season. And the only thing I can think of is how I wish I was still with a group of role players willing to give the World of Darkness a shot. Because this show is really pretty much how I viewed the Vampire world working in a role playing situation.

The characters all running around with different agendas. Not everyone is a Vampire, and some are just trying to survive. It is a lot of fun. But then again, I appreciate a lot of the stuff that is on the El Rey network. I dig that B Movie schtick that Tarantino and Rodriguez work so hard to replicate and pay homage to.

I was never a fan of those who thought the Vampire games should be played like some deeply involved slow pace politics. I think it would always have been more fun with this approach. And if I knew the right group of players, people who got this approach, it would be a lot of fun to run that kind of game.

And now this weekend I get to binge watch Vikings, and get a whole bunch more ideas for that. Oh yeah, blood, battles, and a true dark ages frontier life.

This seems to capture all of my thoughts on the new game #Warhammer Old Flames | Treehouse:

Old Flames | Treehouse:.

I’ve made my feelings on GW and their treasured licenses very clear in past posts. But I cannot deny a love of the memories, and some of the miniatures I have and have painted are pretty darn cool.

So I went ahead and downloaded and read through the rules. And perused the basics of a couple of Scrolls. And I have to admit I am intrigued. And I do look forward to maybe pulling out the mat, some miniatures and the rules in a couple of weeks and trying them out.

I think one of the big things, other than the 180 degree reversal on online availability, is the idea of bringing back a story to the board. With no point cost or limits it is really a system where it is up to the players to decide why they are playing, come up with a story behind their forces. And get to playing. It gets away from the rigid points system that is more suited to tournaments and competitions.

This is Viper #DnD #Miniatures

Viper didn’t plan to be a hero. In fact he is surprised he is even alive. A war orphan raised in the woods mostly on his own, an outcast from birth due to his parentage, he didn’t have a promising beginning. And his early life was mostly spent on his own. learning the skills of a Ranger, hunting and trapping in the hills around Clermont. It wasn’t until he was summoned by the Count to join the Sheriff’s group that he began to come into his own.

Now he has come into his own, a truly dangerous person. A masterful archer, swordsman, learning more and more about the world around him. He has now begun to truly explore the realm of alchemy and potion brewing, in the hopes of making the lives of those around him better. While he still prefers the company of his snakes, he has learned how to fight beyond those limits.

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It is all here (almost), where to post about it? #DnD #Miniatures #Painting

I like table top miniatures. Always have, dates back to my childhood: building, painting, and playing with military models. That was handed down from my brothers, especially my oldest brother. In fact my oldest hobby acquaintance is a guy that I remember buying said models from when I could buy a box of miniature infantry men for a dollar at Levine’s toy store. My first ‘FreeRange’ experiences were riding the bus downtown with my brothers to said store to buy models. But enough nostalgia, bottom line is I like to play with miniature figures and soldiers.

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Clearly I must do this #roleplayinggames #painting

Ever since the first time I played in my Denver game I have been thinking about miniatures. Specifically their use while role playing. And it has been more present since I introduced their use with the boys in their game. While not every role playing game or group requires the use of miniatures it is very handy for D & D games.

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