Thinking more and more about it #DnD #RPG #Roll20

With this hiatus, I am having trouble getting motivated to do thinking about roleplaying. I cannot play much for the boys game because it is mostly wasted if I do too much. My Deadlands campaign does not require much between game thinking or planning at this stage. My Pathfinder character planning is on hold because my character is still imprisoned on the Abyss. That leaves me at a loss for things to do and think about.

On the other hand, all of my Podcasts and articles are inspiring me to do something. There are so many ideas out there, things I want to apply. There are a ton of creative ideas that I have come across that make me want to do something.  For example, the AngryGM wrote 2 excellent articles about the use of NPCs recently. I already linked what I thought of the first one last week. And this week’s article is just as intriguing and inspirational.

So I was pondering the idea of joining an online Adventurers League game. This could be interesting, and give me the chance to interact with some people I don’t know and therefore really try some stuff out. The problem with this is that it is not free, and I cannot really bring myself to pay a monthly fee to join a game that I may not really want to play for long.

Then today’s news was that Roll20 was getting the chance to put out some officially licensed D&D content. Hmm, that might be interesting. Then I looked at it and realize that I would again have to shell out more money. Not for me.

But, what about going through the steps of creating an actual online game on Roll20? Even if it never gets off the ground it could be an interesting exercise. And I could use it as a sandbox for other sessions. That might be worth the time on its own.

Of course, the big obstacle for actually running an online game is the same reason I don’t work from home during the summer. There just are not any places in the house where I can get that quiet spot. But I think that, for now, I will mark that as a hurdle to deal with down the road. For now, I will just go through the steps of creating a game to see what it is like. And of course I will document the process to see how it all goes.