A journey up the canyon #RPG #DND

The party left the tomb of Franxier, loaded with trade goods and what they had looted. Their goal was to return to Rosaroca. But nature and their own lack of familiarity with the way home conspired against them. Their own supplies getting scarce they were not able to stay and set up camp when another storm blew in. Creating a blizzard and white out conditions. Lost in the storm the party got lost. When the storm broke up they found themselves at the foot of a long canyon heading east into the Dragonwall mountains. Knowing that home was in that general direction they chose to follow the canyon.

The journey along the canyon was quiet and novel to them, the walls steep and rocky. And the route they followed led along what could only be an ancient road. A road that to their knowledge should not even have existed in a part of the world where no one ever lived. 

Then they heard sounds that could signal someone or something was further along the canyon. The party sent Tyria to discover what was there. She found a camp of Hobgoblins, in one of their regular camps. There were at least 20 of them in a fortified position. 

The party decided that their best course of action was to split up and assault the camp. They sent the 2 dwarves along one path while the gnomes took another. Only to discover that the Hobgoblins were prepared, having heard the dwarves not so stealthy approach. A flurry of fireballs, counter spells, lightning bolts and storms took place. Over half the Hobgoblins were slain, but they had 3 ogres with them. And with Gromly down from a lightning strike the party withdrew.

They recovered and came back at dawn the next morning. To find only the Ogres and the Hobgoblin Captain waiting for them. A group that could not survive the ensuing barrage of fireballs and sonic attacks. And now the way seemed clear. They came to a place where the path branched, and the took the clearer path to the southeast.

A path that took them to a scenic lake high in the mountains. Where they once again took shelter. Enjoyed the bounty of the lake. And were making plans the next morning when a new monster appeared. Kildrak sighted it first, a Chimera flying along the tree tops. Nisaven and Alecto attempted to stop it with spells of fire and acid. Which prompted it to attack them with its own fire breath. The party scattered as they all attempted to hurt the creature in their own ways. The creature first came at Alecto and then came for Gromly, whose own fire could not stop it. It had Gromly on the ground below it when Nisaven appeared in the air above it, casting his own spell of power, slamming it dead to the ground, but crushing Gromly’s body beneath its massive frame. 

The party grieved, before realizing that Alecto was about to suffer his own death. They then climbed up the side of the mountain, discovering the lair of the creature. There they found some treasure and pondered the way home.

This session showed some promise. I did better at painting a picture of what was happening when a battle was occurring. The boys were a little better at using their powers and abilities.

There is still a notable lack of imagination on their part. And the battles took a little longer. And they especially lack the ability to sense that there are alternatives to battle, that maybe they could have snuck past the  hobgoblins instead of fighting. Overall they are improving. And I look forward to future games.


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